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03 Aug 2018 KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK: The technical looks that major trend is bullish side we don’t have any major correction since last 3month, now we have short term trend line breakout to downside after breakout price goes sideways then again we have selling pressure. The fib 50% at 1214, and fib 0.618% at 1176, major resistance looks at 1344, major support found at 1176 1:49pm
02 Aug 2018 QUESS CORPORATION: The technical looks that the major long term trend is bullish side we have a correction in daily chart to the down side major support and double bottom found at 925. we have three drive pattern which break after second drive. Another thing we have in chart is incomplete Head & Shoulder pattern, which break to downside if we project the price its support zone also found at Zone of 925, So look for reversal pattern at support zone: BUY PRICE:950, STOP LOSS:900, TAKE PROFIT:1400, 4:28pm
01 Aug 2018 HINDUSTAN ZINC: The technical looks that the price trending bearish side from long time. We have last falling wedge bullish break out to upside. The support zone looks at 269, now price following triangle pattern which break but price reversing by making double top look buying pressure to go bullish. BUY PRICE:269, STOP LOSS:255, TAKE PROFIT:333, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 5:44pm
31 Jul 2018 GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS: The technical looks that the price recently break his trend line to upside. The retest point and support zone formed at 112, price reversing by forming double bottom at its bottom zone, we have both short term and long term breakout which retest point formed at zone of 112 BUY PRICE:112, STOP LOSS:106, TAKE PROFIT:150, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 1:07pm
01 Aug 2018 HINDALCO: The technical looks that the price have trend in bearish mode, we have a shorter trend line break but long term trend line acting as resistance. Retest point of shorter trend-line acting as support. BUY PRICE:204, STOP LOSS:195, TAKE PROFIT:225, TIME SPAN:1WEEK 3:39pm
30 Jul 2018 WIPRO: The technical looks that the price have recent breakout in upside now trend line retest at 265, we found buying pressure at zone of retest point and also found bullish engulfing pattern at zone. BUY PRICE:270, STOP LOSS:255, TAKE PROFIT:330, TIME SPAN:2MONTH 12:33pm
27 Jul 2018 INDIAN BANK: The technical looks that the major trend is bullish side, we also getting breakout of short term trend, the major support zone found at 335. which is also retest point of our trend line. Look for reversal candle at support zone. BUY PRICE:335, STOP LOSS:315, TAKE PROFIT:376, TIME SPAN:2WEEK 3:52pm
26 Jul 2018 CRUDE OIL FUTURE: The technical looks that the price is range bound between upside bullish channel now its taking its support at channel support and start reversing from that point. We have three drive pattern which looks complete at 5345. BUY PRICE:4700, STOP LOSS:4565, TAKE PROFIT:5345, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 3:57pm
26 Jul 2018 JINDAL STEEL: The technical looks that we have major trend in bearish side price taking resistance at zone of 204. We have trend reversal hammer in resistance zone, pitchfork line also acting as resistance . SELL PRICE:202, STOP LOSS:210, TAKE PROFIT:180, TIME SPAN:1WEEK 2:03pm
26 Jul 2018 MAHANAGAR GAS LTD: The technical looks that the major trend is downside, we have a bullish break out at zone of 840. Pitchfan 3rd line breakout also completed at 885, we are anticipating that price retest its support zone of 850. BUY PRICE:845, STOP LOSS:795, TAKE PROFIT:1011, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 1:25pm
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