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13 Aug 2018 MARUTI SUZUKI IND: The technical looks that the price trending to bullish side, we having some sort of correction into downside recently we have sell breakout, but price is at major support zone, Buying pressure will be also their, look like it retest his last trend line, anticipation of short term buy BUY PRICE:9050, STOP LOSS:8900, TAKE PROFIT:9450, TIME SPAN:2WEEK 06:04pm
13 Aug 2018 L&T FINANCE HOLDING: The technical looks that the price trending to bullish side, after some sort of correction we are getting again bullish breakout into upside, after bullish momentum it looks sideways, major support zone formed at 160, fib level 0.5& also formed at zone of 163. BUY PRICE:160, STOP LOSS:145, TAKE PROFIT:192, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 3:54pm
11 Aug 2018 PSP PROJECTS LIMITED: The technical looks that the price trending in range bound from 1year, and look like its ready for next bullish wave, the resistance zone formed at 400. Support zone formed at 400. A short trend line retest zone also will be there , we are start getting reversal hammer at monthly chart wait for buy at support zone. BUY PRICE:420, STOP LOSS:380, TAKE PROFIT:590, TIME SPAN: 6MONTH 5:22pm
11 Aug 2018 STRIDES SHASUN LTD: The technical looks that the price trending into bearish side, in daily chart price is at near to 4year low, there also have a long-term double bottom at zone of 250, recently we have strong bearish candle which show strong bearish momentum,(avoid buying here) wait for buy at zone of 250. May it will be a strong reversal zone BUY PRICE:250, STOP LOSS:140, TAKE PROFIT:1500, TIME SPAN:2YEAR 3:54
11 Aug 2018 GULF OIL LUBRICANT: The technical looks that the major trend is bullish, we have recent uptrend channel breakout, which recently retesting our trend line. The major support zone and 52week low formed at 776, avoid buying at their wait for bullish momentum at support zone. BUY PRICE:774, STOP LOSS:710, TAKE PROFIT:1010, TIME SPAN:1MONTH 1:58pm
10 Aug 2018 FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTION LTD: The technical looks that the major trend is bullish, but at now we are getting strong selling pressure which drive the stock to the downside, in monthly chart a reversal hammer formed which pull the stock downside, now our support zone will be formed at 49, 0.618% Fib also at same support area, due to too much selling pressure wait for Reversal pin or bullish momentum to go for Buy, "WATCH" 3:57pm
10 Aug 2018 DLF LIMITED: The technical looks that after bearish trend, we have bullish breakout which break our downtrend channel. We also have breakout of three drive down pattern Now new support zone and retest point formed at zone of 180, BUY PRICE: 190, STOP LOSS:175, TAKE PROFIT:232, TIME SPAN:3MONTH 3:01pm
09 Aug 2018 MAX FINANCIAL SERVICES: The technical looks that the price having last bullish breakout, after breakout our retest and support zone formed at 460. after completion of three drive down pattern we are getting bullish drive which show good bullish momentum look for buy at support zone. BUY PRICE:460, STOP LOSS:399, TAKE PROFIT:635, TIME SPAN:6MONTH 4:21pm
09 Aug 2018 KEC INTERNATIONAL: The technical looks that the price trending strongly in bearish side we don’t have bullish momentum right now we are near to 52week low and A strong support zone also found at 284, price following down trend channel and also anticipation of three drive pattern which third drive completion anticipated at 284, Look buying( Reversal Pin Bar) pressure at support zone to go bullish BUY PRICE:284, STOP LOSS:270, TAKE PROFIT:440, TIME SPAN:1YEAR. 1:00pm
08 Aug 2018 JBM AUTO: The technical looks that, we have recent bullish breakout which show bullish momentum into upside, but currently we again having strong bearish momentum candle which showing selling pressure main support zone at 325. price also reversing from 52week low which make strong support zone look for upside reversal candle at support zone to go for bullish. BUY PRICE:325, STOP LOSS:250, TAKE PROFIT:530, TIME SPAN:6 MONTH 4:36pm
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