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20 Jul 2018 NICKEL FUTURE: The technical looks that the price is resting at 3month support, we have reversal hammer in support zone, price also following A downward channel and now it at channel support, we also completed impulse wave pattern. BUY PRICE:924, STOP LOSS:885, TAKE PROFIT:1088, TIMESPAN:3MONTH
19 Jul 2018 ALUMINIUM FUTURE: The technical looks that the price is trending at bearish side, we have support at 128, but reversal hammer found at before to reach support. We can enter into trade at tradeline breakout and we can also wait for 52week support zone. BUY PRICE:130, STOP LOSS:120, TARGET:160, TIME SPAN:2MONTH
17 Jul 2018 NCDEX: CASTER SEED FUTURE: The technical looks that the chart forming exhaust candle with reversal hammer candle which indicate strong reversal signal. Resistance zone is at near of hammer bar, stop loss must above resistance zone. SELL PRICE:4515, STOP LOSS:4800, TARGET:3840, TRADE SPAN:1MONTH
17 Jul 2018 NCDEX: COTTON SEED OIL CAKE FUTURE: The technical looks that the price is at its resistance zone and reversal hammer formed at zone. The cross down in Stochastic RSI show trend change toward down side. And we have expansion in Bollinger band which acting as resistance. SELL PRICE:1780, STOP LOSS:1900, TARGET:1350, TRADE SPAN:1MONTH
16 Jul 2018 TURMERIC FUTURE: The technical looks that chart have farming Cypher pattern, which support zone formed at 6870. Price reversing from its support by forming reversal bar at zone, which show bullish indication. BUY PRICE:6960, STOP LOSS:6800, TAKE PROFIT:7720, TIME SPAN:1MONTH
16 Jul 2018 Crude oil future: The technical looks that the price trending on bullish side but its facing its major resistance at 5150 and start reversing from that point and formed reversal pin bar at daily and weekly chart. Now resistance level formed at zone of 4999, wait for RSI cross down at same zone. SELL PRICE:4999, STOPLOSS:5180, TARGET:4650, TARGET SPAN:2WEEK
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