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Financial Markets are all ever dynamic , situations are changing all the time. Making profit is all about grabbing the opportunity where and when it exists and survival is all about exiting the markets at the right time too. That is what we aim to do. We will provide you quality information to help you take informed decisions.

The objective of this website is to help you all create wealth so that we could all live a prosperous life . This is a website where our goal is to provide you edge in this information age where it is imperative to keep yourself updated.

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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator
  • A systematic investment plan (SIP) is an investment vehicle offered by many mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest small amounts periodically instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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C.A.G.R.(Compound Annual Growth Rate) Calculator
  • CAGR , or Compound Annual Growth Rate (Full Form), is the average rate at which investment(any value ) grows over a certain period of time assuming the value has been compounding over that time period.

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