Enrollment For Free Webinar

1.What is the purpose of Free Demo Class Webinar?
Free Webinar is a kind of Demo Class of our Four Month Free Course . If you attend the Free Webinar, you will be able to understand the course content, delivery mechanism. You will be able to understand that how students will be involved into trading practice . You will be able to understand your whole journey through the four month period.
2.Is the webinar live & interactive ?
Yes , the webinar will be live and interactive, you will be able to ask your queries to the trainer.
3.Do I need to open Demat Account for the registration of Free Webinar ?
No , you don’t need to open Demat Account to register for Free Webinar.
4.What is the Webinar Timing & Date ?
10:00 AM TO 12:00 NOON ( 09 JANUARY 2022 )
5.How the webinar will be delivered ?
Webinar will be delivered @ Zoom.
6.How will I join the webinar ?
The webinar log in details will be shared through email , one day prior to the webinar date.
7.Is the webinar registration is valid for all the future webinars ?
No, webinar registration is only for one upcoming webinar.

09 JAN 2022

Log In Details have been shared with all the registered candidates through Email.
All the candidates are advised to check their mail , if you don't find the mail in Inbox, then check your spam folder.
Create your free account @ zoom, only then you will be able to join the webinar. You are advised to log in the webinar timely @ 10:00 , late Log-In may be restricted because of limited seats in the webinar room.
Procapital Team

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